New Jersey Revised Statutes § 23:4-19 - Pursuing Game Birds In Power Boats Or Aircraft Prohibited; Penalty

23:4-19. Pursuing game birds in power boats or aircraft prohibited; penalty
No person shall pursue any goose, duck, brant or other kind of game bird, or shoot, shoot at, kill or wound the same from a boat or vessel propelled by any means, other than by oars or paddles, or from a boat, vessel or other structure anchored or staked upon the waters of any of the bays, sounds, coves, ponds, rivers, creeks or streams of the state at a greater distance than one hundred feet from ice, marsh or meadow, bar or bank, or naturally heaped seaweed not covered with water, under a penalty of twenty dollars for each offense.

No person shall, while in an airplane, hydroplane or other device propelled in any manner through the air, pursue, shoot, shoot at, kill or injure any of such game birds under a penalty of one hundred dollars for each offense.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016