New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:1a-80 - Additional Powers Of Commissioner.

27:1A-80 Additional powers of commissioner.

6.In addition to any powers granted to the commissioner under this act or any other provision of law, the commissioner shall:

a.Provide interagency support, programmatic planning and policy recommendations, promote coordination and cooperation with and among State, multi-state, bi-state, federal and non-governmental agencies in matters affecting the New Jersey Marine Transportation System;

b.Engage in public education on maritime issues;

c.Serve as the primary advisory body and lead agency for support of New Jersey's $50 billion maritime industry;

d.Participate in maritime-related technology research and development;

e.Investigate innovative dredged material management technologies and techniques to ensure continued growth of New Jersey's Marine Transportation System;

f.Act as the local sponsor for agreements with State and federal agencies in support of dredging and dredging related projects;

g.Research, facilitate, and act as lead advisory body for grant funding opportunities which enhance and further the mission of the office;

h.Develop and maintain an interactive educational website on the department's Internet website;

i.Act as advisor for State and federal entities and non-governmental entities involved in advancing the mission of the New Jersey Marine Transportation System;

j.Engage in waterborne, dredging, and related infrastructure development projects which enhance the economic, environmental, and efficient nature of maritime and marine trades services;

k.Operate, lease, or license a dredging processing facility, or contract for the design, construction, use, management or operation of any State dredging processing facility; and

l.Undertake any additional actions as appropriate to advance the State's maritime roles and responsibilities.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016