New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:1c-6 - District Transportation Improvement Plan; Approval By Commissioner

27:1C-6. District transportation improvement plan; approval by commissioner
a. The governing body of any county which has completed all the requirements of section 5 of this act may, by ordinance or resolution, as appropriate, adopt a district transportation improvement plan. The district transportation improvement plan shall be derived from the draft district transportation improvement plan developed under section 5 of this act and shall contain a financial plan for transportation projects intended to be developed over time in whole or in part from a trust fund to be established under section 7 of this act. The district transportation improvement plan shall be consistent with any existing capital improvements program, and incorporated into any future capital improvements program required to be adopted under P.L. ...., c. .... (C. ........) (now pending before the Legislature as Assembly Bill No. 2306 or Senate Bill No. 664 of 1988) and shall be consistent with any transportation improvement program which the county may be required to submit to the department.

b. No ordinance or resolution, or amendment or supplement thereto, adopted under this section shall take effect until approved by the commissioner. In evaluating the district transportation improvement plan, the commissioner shall take into consideration: (1) the appropriateness of the district boundaries in light of the findings of the plan, (2) the appropriateness of the content and timing of the program of projects intended to be financed in whole or in part from the district trust fund in relation to the transportation needs stemming from rapid growth in the district, (3) the hearing record of the public hearing held prior to adoption of the ordinance or resolution, (4) any written comments submitted by municipalities or other parties and (5) consistency with the planning requirements set forth in subsection b. of section 5 of this act. The commissioner shall complete the review of the ordinance or resolution and shall inform the governing body in writing of the approval or disapproval thereof within 90 days of receipt. Failure by the commissioner to act in 90 days, unless an extension is mutually approved, shall mean that the submission is deemed approved. The written notice shall be accompanied, in the case of approval, by the commissioner's estimate of the resources which may be available to support implementation of the plan and, in the case of disapproval, by the reasons for that disapproval. The governing body may, in the case of a disapproval, resubmit an ordinance or resolution, as appropriate, or amendment or supplement thereto, incorporating whatever revisions it deems appropriate, taking into consideration the commissioner's reasons for disapproval.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016