New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:1c-9 - Project Agreement

27:1C-9. Project agreement
Every transportation project funded in whole or in part by funds from a transportation development district trust fund shall be subject to a project agreement to which the commissioner is a party. Every transportation project for which a project agreement has been executed shall be included in a district transportation improvement plan adopted by an ordinance or resolution, as appropriate, under section 6 of this act. A project agreement may include other parties, including but not limited to, municipalities and the developers of a project. A project agreement shall provide for the assignment of financial obligations among the parties, and those provisions for discharging respective financial obligations as the parties shall agree upon. A project agreement also shall make provision for those arrangements among the parties as are necessary and convenient for undertaking and completing a transportation project. A project agreement may provide that a county may pledge funds in a transportation development district trust fund or revenues to be received from development fees for the repayment of debt incurred under any debt instrument which the county may be authorized by law to issue. Each project agreement shall be authorized by and entered into pursuant to an ordinance or resolution, as appropriate, of the governing body of each county and municipality which is a party to the project agreement. Any project agreement may be made with or without consideration and for a specified or an unlimited time and on any terms and conditions which may be approved by or on behalf of the county or municipality and shall be valid whether or not an appropriation with respect thereto is made by the county or municipality prior to the authorization or execution thereof. Any county or municipality which is authorized to undertake all or part of a project which may involve property within the jurisdiction of another political subdivision, may exercise all powers necessary for the project as may be permitted by law and agreed to in the project agreement.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016