New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:23-5.8 - Additional Powers.

27:23-5.8 Additional powers.

1.The New Jersey Turnpike Authority shall have, in addition to the powers heretofore granted to it, power:

a.To pay or make any advance or contribution to the United States Government or the State of New Jersey or any agency thereof for the purpose of paying the State's share or any portion thereof under the federal aid highway laws of the cost of construction of any transportation improvement determined by the authority to be a major improvement necessary to restore or prevent physical damage to any transportation project or any feeder roads, for the safe or efficient operation of such project, or to prevent loss of revenues therefrom.

b.Subject to the rights and security interests of the holders from time to time of bonds or notes heretofore or hereafter issued by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, to enter into contracts with the State or the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority established by section 4 of the "New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority Act of 1984," P.L.1984, c.73 (C.27:1B-4), providing for the payment from the revenues of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to the State or to the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority of the amount or amounts of revenues that may be set forth in or determined in accordance with the contracts. Any contracts authorized pursuant to this section may include conditions and covenants necessary and desirable to facilitate the issuance and sale of bonds, notes and other obligations of the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority. Any agreements entered into between the State and the Turnpike Authority pursuant to this subsection shall terminate upon the effective date of any agreement entered into between the Turnpike Authority and the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority providing for the payment of revenues of the Turnpike Authority directly from the Turnpike Authority to the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority.

c.To enter into agreements with the Department of Transportation with respect to the funding of the resurfacing, restoring, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the I-95 Extension of the New Jersey Turnpike through the allocation of monies apportioned by the United States Department of Transportation pursuant to 23 U.S.C. s.119 or a successor program. Any such agreement shall be subject to the continued eligibility of the I-95 Extension for federal aid, the availability of funds appropriated by Congress and the appropriation of funds by the Legislature for that purpose. No such agreement shall constitute or create a debt or liability of the State within the meaning of any constitutional or statutory limitation nor shall any such agreement constitute a pledge of either the faith and credit or the taxing power of the State. Funds payable or paid to the authority pursuant to any such agreement shall not be pledged as security for any indebtedness of the authority.

L.1966,c.8,s.1; amended 1984, c.73, s.30; 1991, c.183, s.11; 2003,c.79,s.14.

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