New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:4-165.13 - Review Of Prior Guardianships.

30:4-165.13 Review of prior guardianships.

8.The commissioner shall review the case of every person who received guardianship services without prior judicial review before the effective date of P.L.1985, c.133 (C.30:4-165.4 et al.). If the need for a guardian appears to continue, the commissioner shall apply to the Superior Court upon notice to the alleged incapacitated person for the appointment of a guardian of the person in the same manner as provided in section 1 of P.L.1970, c.289 (C.30:4-165.7), unless another application is pending. If, as a result of the commissioner's review, it appears that the person is no longer in need of a guardian, the provision of guardianship services shall be discontinued, and this disposition shall be documented in the records of the Division of Developmental Disabilities. For those persons who received guardianship services without prior judicial review before the effective date of P.L.1985, c.133 (C.30:4-165.4 et al.), the division shall continue to provide these services until final disposition resulting from the commissioner's review, either through a court determination regarding the commissioner's application for appointment of a guardian or an administrative termination of guardianship services; and this interim provision of services shall be equivalent to exercising the same responsibility and authority as a guardian of the person, in accordance with the provisions of section 1 of P.L.1985, c.133 (C.30:4-165.4).

Upon the receipt of a complaint for the appointment of a guardian, the court shall appoint an attorney where the alleged incapacitated person is not represented by an attorney. The attorney, after conducting an investigation into the matter, which shall include an interview with the alleged incapacitated person, an interview with the proposed guardian, and, if there is cause to question the alleged incapacitated person's level of functioning and need for a guardian, the report of an independent expert professionally qualified to render an opinion on issues pertaining to incapacity, shall advise the court by way of a report in affidavit form whether there is cause to dispute either the contention of the commissioner that the appointment of a guardian is necessary or the commissioner's recommendation as to whom that guardian should be. If the alleged incapacitated person expresses an opinion on the subject, the attorney shall advise the court of that opinion. The facts contained in the report of the attorney shall be sworn to or verified in a manner as prescribed by the court.

If, after reviewing the report of the attorney, there appears to be no difference between the position of the commissioner and the findings of the attorney, the court may proceed in a summary fashion to appoint a guardian. A plenary hearing shall be held if requested by the alleged incapacitated person, his attorney, or anyone acting on his behalf.

L.1985,c.133,s.8; amended 1990, c.50, s.2; 1995, c.324, s.1; 1997, c.379, s.7.

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