New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:12-4 - Acquisition Of Property; Authorization; Condemnation

40:12-4. Acquisition of property; authorization; condemnation
If such board or body by resolution authorizes the acquisition of such lands and appropriates a sum for the purchase and equipment thereof, or authorizes the leasing thereof and appropriates a sum for the equipment thereof, the board shall proceed to acquire the same by purchase, condemnation or lease, as the case may be, and suitably prepare and equip the same for a playground and recreation place, or approach thereto.

If the board is unable to agree with the owner or owners as to the price and terms of purchase, or if, by reason of any legal disability, or the absence of any owner or owners thereof, or for any other cause, an agreement for the purchase of such lands or any part thereof, or any rights or interests therein cannot be made, the board may cause such lands or any rights or interests therein to be condemned and taken on behalf of such municipality or county, and the compensation to be made therefor shall be ascertained and paid or tendered in the manner provided in chapter 1 of the title Eminent Domain (s. 20:1-1 et seq.).

The board may cause any lands so acquired to be laid out and improved as a public playground, recreation place or an approach thereto.

The title to all lands acquired or taken under the provisions of sections 40:12-1 to 40:12-8 of this title shall vest in the municipality or county, and all leases of land for such purpose shall be in the name of the municipality or county, as the case may be.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016