New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:12-6 - Powers Of Board Of Recreation Commissioners.

40:12-6 Powers of board of recreation commissioners.

40:12-6. The board of recreation commissioners shall have full control over all lands, playgrounds and recreation places acquired or leased under the provisions of sections 40:12-1 to 40:12-9 of this Title and may adopt a board seal, suitable rules, regulations and bylaws for the use thereof, and the conduct of all persons while on or using the same; and any person who shall violate any of such rules, regulations or bylaws shall be deemed and adjudged to be a disorderly person.
The custodians, supervisors and assistants appointed by the board shall, while on duty and for the purpose of preserving order and the observance of the rules, regulations and bylaws of the board, have all the power and authority of police officers of the respective municipalities in and for which they are severally appointed.
The board may appoint a recreation director for a term not to exceed 3 years, a secretary or clerk, and such number of custodians, supervisors and assistants for the several playgrounds and recreation places under its control as they shall think necessary, and fix and determine their salaries.

Amended 1968, c.191; 2001, c.102, s.2.

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