New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:14-18 - Members; Appointment; Term Of Office; Alternate Representatives; Compensation

40:14-18. Members; appointment; term of office; alternate representatives; compensation
a. Each municipality and county shall have two members on the commission.

b. Each member shall be appointed by the governing body of the municipality or county represented by such member, unless otherwise provided by the charter of such municipality or county.

c. Where the municipality or county shall so require, or where the rules of the commission, as set forth in the agreement establishing the commission shall require, a commissioner to hold public office or other position under the municipality or county, then the term of such commissioner on the commission shall be co-terminus with his or her term of office or employment, as the case may be.

d. The term of each other commissioner shall be 5 years; provided, however, that the participating municipalities and counties may agree that the initial terms of such commissioners shall be so arranged that not all shall expire in the same year and thereby that some of the initial appointments shall be for terms less than 5 years. Appointments to fill a vacancy in any such commissioner's membership shall be for the unexpired term.

e. Each participating municipality and county may also provide, in the ordinance, in the case of a municipality, and in the resolution, in the case of a county, authorizing participation in such commission, for an alternate representative to serve in the temporary absence or disqualification of each regular representative. Such alternate representatives shall have the right to attend all meetings and to take part in discussions thereat, but an alternate representative shall have the right to vote only when attending in place of the regular representative. Each participating municipality and county may determine the term of office of its alternate representatives, in the ordinance or resolution, as the case may be.

f. The members of the commission shall receive no salary or other compensation for the performance of their duties as such commissioners but shall be entitled to receive their expenses in carrying on the same.

L.1971, c. 316, s. 3, eff. Sept. 14, 1971.

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