New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:14-21 - Appropriations; Application For And Acceptance Of Grants In Aid; Surveys And Studies

40:14-21. Appropriations; application for and acceptance of grants in aid; surveys and studies
a. Participating municipalities and counties are hereby authorized to make such appropriations to the commission as may be necessary for the carrying on of the work of the commission upon certification by the commission to the respective governing bodies of the amount or amounts required for such purpose, said appropriations to be made as nearly as may be with regard to the method of apportioning costs as agreed to in the ordinances and resolutions establishing said commission.

b. The commission shall also have the right to apply for and accept any grants in aid which may be available to it from county, State or Federal agencies, and to accept any contributions, grants or bequests which may be given to it by any person, corporation or foundation.

c. Any participating municipality or county may, from time to time, upon the request of the commission and for the purpose of special surveys, assign or detail to the commission any members of staffs of county or municipal administrative or engineering departments, or may direct any such department to make any special surveys or studies requested by the commission.

L.1971, c. 316, s. 6, eff. Sept. 14, 1971.

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