New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:33-13.2a - Authority To Acquire Real Property Or Other Interest; Maintaining Facilities; Bonds; Ad Valorem Taxes

40:33-13.2a. Authority to acquire real property or other interest; maintaining facilities; bonds; ad valorem taxes
Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, the board of chosen freeholders of any county is hereby authorized and empowered to acquire real property or any interest therein by purchase, condemnation, gift or otherwise, and to lease as lessor or as lessee, and to purchase, construct, reconstruct, enlarge, alter or improve, and to furnish and equip, and to operate and maintain, any buildings or facilities which are necessary or desirable in the judgment of said board for the purpose of establishing or providing a free county library or free county library services for the use of residents and inhabitants of the county, or jointly for such purpose and for any other county purpose or use, and to raise and appropriate moneys therefor in the same manner as moneys are raised and appropriated for other county purposes pursuant to the Local Budget Law, and to issue bonds or other obligations of the county for such purpose pursuant to the Local Bond Law and to levy ad valorem taxes upon all the taxable property within the county for the payment of the principal of and interest on such bonds or other obligations without limitation as to rate or amount.

L.1966, c. 223, s. 1, eff. Aug. 10, 1966.

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