New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:33-13.2b - Agreements With Respect To Provision, Leasing, Use, Operation Or Maintenance; Payments On Account

40:33-13.2b. Agreements with respect to provision, leasing, use, operation or maintenance; payments on account
Said board of chosen freeholders and any county library commission, governing body of any municipality or board of trustees of any free public library in the county are hereby authorized and empowered to enter into agreements with respect to provision, leasing, use, operation or maintenance of all or any part of such real property, buildings or facilities, and for payments on account of any cost or expense or the use or services thereof, or the establishment or provision of such free county library or free county library services. Any such contract may be made with or without consideration and for an unspecified or unlimited period of time and on any terms and conditions therein set forth and shall be valid and binding on the parties thereto whether or not appropriation with respect thereto shall have been made prior to authorization or execution thereof.

L.1966, c. 223, s. 2, eff. Aug. 10, 1966.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016