New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:37-212 - Commissioners; Appointment; Duties; Oaths

40:37-212. Commissioners; appointment; duties; oaths
At the time and place specified in the notice provided for in section 40:37-211 of this Title the judge shall appoint three disinterested freeholders resident in the county to:

a. Make a just and true appraisement of the value of the real estate to be condemned and taken by the county park commission for the purposes specified in the notice;

b. Ascertain, fix and determine the amount of damages occasioned thereby;

c. Make a just and true estimate and appraisement of the special or peculiar benefits which the opening of any such boulevard, parkway or roadway, or the improvement thereof, may confer upon any owner of property benefited thereby, in proportion as nearly as may be to the benefit which each owner may be deemed to acquire. The commissioners so appointed shall forthwith take and subscribe an oath that they will faithfully and impartially perform their duties, and their oaths shall be filed in the office of the county clerk.

Amended by L.1953, c. 37, p. 663, s. 94, eff. March 19, 1953.

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