New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:37-214 - Court To Hear Objections To Report; Confirmation

40:37-214. Court to hear objections to report; confirmation
Upon receipt of any such report, signed by the commissioners, or any two of them, the court shall cause such notice to be given as it shall direct of the time and place of hearing any objections that may be made to the awards or assessments, and after hearing any matter which may be alleged against the same, shall, by rule or order, either confirm the report or refer it to the same commissioners for revision and correction. The commissioners shall return the same, when referred to them again, corrected and revised, or make a new report to the court without unnecessary delay, and the same, on being so returned, shall be confirmed or again referred by the court in the manner hereinbefore provided, and so from time to time until a report shall be made or returned, which the court shall confirm.

The report when so confirmed shall be final and conclusive, upon the county park commissioners and upon the owners of the real estate or any right or interest therein affected thereby, and the court shall thereupon cause the report to be filed in the office of the county clerk, there to remain of record.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016