New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:5-19 - Service Charge On Checks Returned For Insufficient Funds; County Imposition, Fee, Collection

40:5-19. Service charge on checks returned for insufficient funds; county imposition, fee, collection
1. a. The governing body of a county may provide, by resolution or ordinance, as appropriate, for the imposition of a service charge to be added to any account owing to the county, if payment tendered on the account was by a check or other written instrument which was returned for insufficient funds.

b. The service charge for a check or other written instrument returned for insufficient funds shall be determined and set by resolution or by ordinance of the governing body, as appropriate, from time to time, but shall not exceed $20 per check or other written instrument.

c. Any service charge authorized by this section shall be collected in the same manner prescribed by law for the collection of the account for which the check or other written instrument was tendered. In addition, the governing body may require future payments to be tendered in cash or by certified or cashier's check.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016