New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:5-2.10a - Rate For Diagnostic Services And Treatment; Payments To County; Reimbursement

40:5-2.10a. Rate for diagnostic services and treatment; payments to county; reimbursement
The board of chosen freeholders of any county which has established and maintains a center or institution for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in persons shall, in November of each year, compute and determine the rate per day to be paid for maintaining, treating and diagnosing a person for whom diagnosis is sought in such center or institution, as the result of confinement of any type, whether voluntary or involuntary, or by criminal or other process, such rate to become effective on January 1, next following, and the person, court or agency requesting the diagnostic services and treatment shall be required to pay such rate to the county. Any funds expended by such county, any court, or agency for diagnostic services and treatment, shall be a proper charge against the person diagnosed or his estate or his legal responsible relatives and may be recovered and reimbursed to the board of chosen freeholders, said court or agency by the entry of an appropriate order of reimbursement by said court or any court having jurisdiction, or by any other legal process available for the recovery of just debts and legal obligations.

L.1964, c. 189, s. 1, eff. Oct. 2, 1964.

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