New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:52-16 - Revocation, Non-renewal Of License.

40:52-16 Revocation, non-renewal of license.

8. a. A licensing authority may revoke or refuse to renew a license granted under this act for any of the following reasons:

(1)A finding that there was any misstatement of material fact in the application upon which the license was issued.

(2)The occurrence of any fact which, had it occurred and been known to the licensing authority before issuance of the license, would have resulted in the denial of the application.

(3)Repeated violations, or prolonged failure to correct any violation, of any applicable building, housing, health or safety code or regulations, including municipal regulations adopted in accordance with section 2 of P.L.1993, c.290 (C.40:52-10).

(4)Refusal to allow access to any portion of the licensed premises at all reasonable times, with or without advance notice, in order that officers or agents of the licensing authority, or any official charged with enforcement within the municipality of any building, housing, health or safety code or regulations applicable to the premises may determine compliance with such codes or regulations.

(5)Revocation by the Department of Community Affairs of the operator's license or other authorization to operate a rooming or boarding house on the premises.

(6)Notification by the Department of Community Affairs that the premises are not, or are no longer suitable for operation of a rooming or boarding house on the premises.

(7)Failure or refusal to comply with any lawful regulation or order of the licensing authority.

(8)A determination by the municipal licensing agency that the issuance or renewal of a license to such a person would be contrary to the best interests of the residents of any rooming or boarding house or of the public generally.

b.A license shall not be revoked until five days' prior notice of the grounds therefor has been served upon the licensee, either personally or by certified mail addressed to the licensee at the licensed premises, and a reasonable opportunity given to the licensee to be heard thereon.

L.1993,c.290,s.8; amended 1997, c.344, s.3.

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