New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:54d-21.1 - Entrance Into A Marketing Partnership; Qualified Business, Authority

40:54D-21.1. Entrance into a marketing partnership; qualified business, authority
12. a. A qualified business outside of the district may enter into a marketing partnership with the authority and participate in events and any housing assignment programs or other services or programs administered by an authority, pursuant to this section.

b.An authority may establish and enter into marketing partnership contracts with a qualified business outside the district for participation in events or other services or programs administered by the authority. A qualified business electing to participate in those services of programs shall enter into a marketing partnership contract with the authority. Under the contract the authority shall agree to provide the business with all the rights and privileges applicable to that type of business located within the district, and the business shall agree to pay directly to the authority an amount equal to the tourism development fees and tourism assessments payable by that type of business as if located within the district.

c.For the purposes of this section, "qualified business" means a hotel, motel or other business collecting receipts, sales or charges subject to the "Sales and Use Tax Act," P.L.1966, c.30 (C.54:32B-1 et seq.).

L.2002, c.72, s.11.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016