New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:54d-21 - Public Purpose Of Authority.

40:54D-21 Public purpose of authority.

21.The public purpose of an authority shall be to undertake a tourism project if it is necessary or useful to the economic development and public welfare of the residents and tourist industry of the creating municipalities, and to promote, advertise and enhance the attractiveness of the district to visitors and tourists; provided however, that such promotion, advertisement and enhancement shall not be undertaken by any authority with respect to the Wildwood convention center facility unless any such authority is expressly authorized by the sports authority to undertake such activities. Except as otherwise provided in, and subject to any limitations in P.L.1997, c.273 (C.40:54D-25.1 et al.), an authority shall have the following powers:

a.To adopt bylaws for the regulation of its affairs and the conduct of its business;

b.To adopt an official common seal and alter it at its pleasure;

c.To maintain an office at a place or places within the district as it may designate;

d.To sue and be sued in its own name;

e.To acquire from any predecessor owner or operator, and to construct, reconstruct, maintain, and operate a convention center facility or other tourism project;

f.To issue bonds or notes of the authority for the purposes of this act and to provide for the rights of the holders thereof all as provided in the "Local Bond Law," N.J.S.40A:2-1 et seq.;

g.To set and collect rents, fees, charges or other payments for the lease, use, occupancy or disposition of a convention center facility or other tourism project acquired, constructed or reconstructed by the authority pursuant to the provisions of P.L.1992, c.165 (C.40:54D-1 et seq.). Any revenues collected shall be available to the authority for use in furtherance of any of the purposes of this act;

h.To acquire, lease as lessee or lessor, own, rent, use, hold and dispose of real property and personal property or any interest therein, in the exercise of its powers and the performance of its duties under this act;

i.To acquire in the name of the authority by purchase, gift or otherwise, on terms and conditions and in a manner as the authority may deem proper, or by the exercise of the power of eminent domain except as against the State of New Jersey, any land and other property which the authority may determine is necessary for the construction, reconstruction, maintenance, operation or support of tourism projects pursuant to the provisions of this act, P.L.1992, c.165 (C.40:54D-1 et seq.) or parts thereof or rights therein, and any fee simple absolute or any lesser interest in private property, and any fee simple absolute in, easements upon, or the benefit of restrictions upon abutting property to preserve and protect same;

j.To grant by franchise, lease or otherwise, the use of any property owned and controlled by the authority to any person for the consideration and for the period or periods of time and upon terms and conditions as are agreed upon;

k.To apply for, receive and accept from the United States of America or any agency thereof, or the State and any subdivision thereof, subject to the approval of the State Treasurer, grants for or in aid of the planning, acquisition or construction of a convention center facility or other tourism project, and to receive and accept aid or contributions from any other public or private source, of either money, property, labor or other things of value, to be held, used and applied only for the purposes for which those grants and contributions may be made;

l.Subject to the limitations of this act, to determine the location, type and character of its tourism project and all other matters in connection therewith;

m.To enter into contracts or agreements with any entity for the entity to issue bonds or notes on behalf of the authority and to make payments to the entity to secure those bonds or notes;

n.To procure and enter into contracts for any type of insurance and indemnify against loss or damage to property from any cause, including the loss of use and occupancy and business interruption, death or injury of any person, employee liability, any act of any member, officer, employee or servant of the authority, whether part-time, compensated or uncompensated, in the performance of the duties of office or employment or any other insurable risk or any other losses in connection with property, operations, assets or obligations in any amounts and from any insurers as are deemed desirable. In addition, the authority may carry its own liability insurance;

o.To promote and advertise the district and to promote the use of the tourism projects by tourists and visitors to the district; and

p.To enter into any and all agreements or contracts, execute any and all instruments, and do and perform any and all acts or things necessary, convenient or desirable for the purposes of the authority or to carry out any power expressly given in P.L.1992, c.165 (C.40:54D-1 et seq.).

L.1992,c.165,s.21; amended 1997, c.273, s.9.

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