New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-8.3 - Definitions Relative To Statewide Non-residential Development Fees.

40:55D-8.3 Definitions relative to Statewide non-residential development fees.

34.As used in sections 32 through 38 of P.L.2008, c.46 (C.40:55D-8.1 through C.40:55D-8.7):

"Construction" means new construction and additions, but does not include alterations, reconstruction, renovations, and repairs as those terms are defined under the State Uniform Construction Code promulgated pursuant to the "State Uniform Construction Code Act," P.L.1975, c.217 (C.52:27D-119 et seq.).

"Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Community Affairs.

"Council" means the Council on Affordable Housing, established pursuant to P.L.1985, c.222 (C.52:27D-301 et al.).

"Developer" means the legal or beneficial owner or owners of a lot or of any land proposed to be included in a proposed development, including the holder of an option or contract to purchase, or other person having an enforceable proprietary interest in such land.

"Equalized assessed value" means the assessed value of a property divided by the current average ratio of assessed to true value for the municipality in which the property is situated, as determined in accordance with sections 1, 5, and 6 of P.L.1973, c.123 (C.54:1-35a through C.54:1-35c).

"Mixed use development" means any development which includes both a non-residential development component and a residential development component, and shall include developments for which (1) there is a common developer for both the residential development component and the non-residential development component, provided that for purposes of this definition, multiple persons and entities may be considered a common developer if there is a contractual relationship among them obligating each entity to develop at least a portion of the residential or non-residential development, or both, or otherwise to contribute resources to the development; and (2) the residential and non-residential developments are located on the same lot or adjoining lots, including but not limited to lots separated by a street, a river, or another geographical feature.

"Non-residential development" means: (1) any building or structure, or portion thereof, including but not limited to any appurtenant improvements, which is designated to a use group other than a residential use group according to the State Uniform Construction Code promulgated to effectuate the "State Uniform Construction Code Act," P.L.1975, c.217 (C.52:27D-119 et seq.), including any subsequent amendments or revisions thereto; (2) hotels, motels, vacation timeshares, and child-care facilities; and (3) the entirety of all continuing care facilities within a continuing care retirement community which is subject to the "Continuing Care Retirement Community Regulation and Financial Disclosure Act," P.L.1986, c.103 (C.52:27D-330 et seq.).

"Non-residential development fee" means the fee authorized to be imposed pursuant to sections 32 through 38 of P.L.2008, c.46 (C.40:55D-8.1 through C.40:55D-8.7).

"Relating to the provision of housing" shall be liberally construed to include the construction, maintenance, or operation of housing, including but not limited to the provision of services to such housing and the funding of any of the above.

"Spending plan" means a method of allocating funds collected and to be collected pursuant to an approved municipal development fee ordinance, or pursuant to P.L.2008, c.46 (C.52:27D-329.1 et al.) for the purpose of meeting the housing needs of low and moderate income individuals.

"Treasurer" means the Treasurer of the State of New Jersey.

L.2008, c.46, s.34.

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