New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-9 - Meetings; Municipal Agency

40:55D-9. Meetings; municipal agency
Meetings; municipal agency. a. Every municipal agency shall by its rules fix the time and place for holding its regular meetings for business authorized to be conducted by such agency. Regular meetings of the municipal agency shall be scheduled not less than once a month and shall be held as scheduled unless canceled for lack of applications for development to process. The municipal agency may provide for special meetings, at the call of the chairman, or on the request of any two of its members, which shall be held on notice to its members and the public in accordance with municipal regulations. No action shall be taken at any meeting without a quorum being present. All actions shall be taken by a majority vote of the members of the municipal agency present at the meeting, except as otherwise required by sections 23, 25, 49, 50, and subsections 8e., 17a., 17b. and 57d. of this act. Failure of a motion to receive the number of votes required to approve an application for development shall be deemed an action denying the application. Nothing herein shall be construed to contravene any act providing for procedures for governing bodies.

b. All regular meetings and all special meetings shall be open to the public. Notice of all such meetings shall be given in accordance with municipal regulations. An executive session for the purpose of discussing and studying any matters to come before the agency shall not be deemed a regular or special meeting within the meaning of this act.

c. Minutes of every regular or special meeting shall be kept and shall include the names of persons appearing and addressing the municipal agency and of the persons appearing by attorney, the action taken by the municipal agency, the findings, if any, made by it and reasons therefor. The minutes shall thereafter be made available for public inspection during normal business hours at the office of the administrative officer. Any interested party shall have the right to compel production of the minutes for use as evidence in any legal proceedings concerning the subject matter of such minutes. Such interested party may be charged a reasonable fee for reproduction of the minutes for his use.

L. 1975, c. 291, s. 5, eff. Aug. 1, 1976. Amended by L. 1979, c. 216, s. 6; L. 1984, c. 20, s. 3, eff. March 22, 1984; L. 1985, c. 516, s. 3.

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