New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:56-31 - Duty Of Collector; Books And Records

40:56-31. Duty of collector; books and records
Except as provided in article 4 of this chapter (s. 40:56-58 et seq.) as to cities of the first class, immediately after the confirmation of any assessment a duplicate thereof duly certified by the clerk of the body confirming the same shall be delivered to the tax collecting officer of the municipality. The assessment shall be payable immediately upon delivery to such collecting officer, who shall immediately after delivery to him send out by mail or deliver to the owners of such real estate, bills for such assessment. The collector shall enter the date and amount of each payment on his duplicate in the proper column opposite the item of the assessment on account of which payment is made, and also enter the same in a proper cash book as a credit to the taxpayer, and shall also enter therein a designation of the property on which the tax was paid, the total amount of the assessment and the interest and penalty charged. Such cash book shall be provided by the collector at the expense of the taxing district and shall be its property and be open at all reasonable times to public inspection. The board or body having control of the finances of the municipality may make additional regulations for recording, accounting for, and collecting assessments.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016