New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:56-33 - Assessment As Continuous Lien; Informalities Not To Invalidate Proceedings.

40:56-33 Assessment as continuous lien; informalities not to invalidate proceedings.

40:56-33. Except as provided in article 4 of this chapter (s. 40:56-58 et seq.) as to cities of the first class, every assessment for local improvements together with interest thereon and all costs and charges connected therewith, shall upon the effective date of the ordinance or resolution authorizing the assessment be a continuous first lien upon the real estate described in the assessment, paramount to all prior or subsequent alienations and descents of such real estate or encumbrances thereon, except subsequent taxes or assessments, notwithstanding any mistake in the name or names of any owner or owners, or any omission to name any owner or owners who are unknown, and notwithstanding any lack of form therein, or in any other proceeding which does not impair the substantial rights of the owner or owners or other person or persons having a lien upon or interest in any such real estate. Confirmation of the amount of the assessment by the governing body or by the court shall be considered as determining the amount of the existing lien and not as establishing the lien. All assessments for local improvements shall be presumed to have been regularly assessed and confirmed and every assessment or proceeding preliminary thereto shall be presumed to have been regularly made or conducted until the contrary be shown.

Amended 2002, c.15, s.2.

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