New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:56-66 - Definitions

40:56-66. Definitions
2. As used in this act:

a. "Pedestrian mall" or "pedestrian mall improvement" means any local improvement designed to be used primarily for the movement, safety, convenience and enjoyment of pedestrians, whether or not a part of a street is set apart for roadway for emergency vehicles, transit vehicles and private vehicles or any of them, and a pedestrian mall improvement shall include but not be limited to pedestrian thoroughfares, perimeter parking, public seating, park areas, outdoor cafes, shelters, trees, flower plantings, sculpture, newsstands, telephone booths, traffic signs, kiosks, fire hydrants, street lighting, ornamental signs, ornamental lights, trash receptacles, display cases, marquees, awnings, canopies, overhead radiant heating fixtures, underground radiant heating pipes and devices, walls, bollards and chains and all such other fixtures, equipment, facilities and appurtenances which in the judgment of the governing body of a municipality will enhance the movement, safety, convenience and enjoyment of pedestrians and benefit the municipality and adjoining properties.

b. "Special improvement district" means an area within a municipality designated by municipal ordinance as an area in which a special assessment on property within the district shall be imposed for the purposes of promoting the economic and general welfare of the district and the municipality. The municipal ordinance may exempt residential properties, residential portions of mixed use properties, parcels with any number of residential units, or vacant properties located within the district from special assessment.

c. "District management corporation" means an entity created by municipal ordinance or incorporated pursuant to Title 15A of the New Jersey Statutes and designated by municipal ordinance to receive funds collected by a special assessment within a special improvement district, as authorized by this amendatory and supplementary act.

L.1972,c.134,s.2; amended 1984,c.151,s.3; 1995,c.170,s.1.

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