New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:56-68 - Findings Necessary For Adoption Of Ordinance

40:56-68. Findings necessary for adoption of ordinance
a. A pedestrian mall ordinance may be adopted if the governing body of any municipality finds: (1) a street or part thereof is not a part of any State highway, is located primarily in a business district, is improved to its maximum feasible width with regard to adjoining buildings and improvements, (2) reasonably convenient alternate routes to other parts of the municipality and State exist for private vehicles, (3) continued unlimited use of the street or part thereof by private vehicles may constitute a hazard to the health and safety of pedestrians, (4) abutting properties can reasonably and adequately be provided with emergency vehicular services and receive and deliver merchandise and materials from other streets and alleys or by provisions for limited use of the streets by emergency vehicles and carriers of such merchandise and materials, and (5) it is in the best interests of the municipality and the public and of benefit to adjacent properties to use such street primarily for pedestrian purposes, and that pedestrian use is determined to be the highest and best use of such street or part thereof.

b. A special improvement district ordinance may be adopted if the governing body of a municipality finds: (1) that an area within the municipality, as described by lot and block numbers and by street addresses in the enabling ordinance, would benefit from being designated as a special improvement district; (2) that a district management corporation would provide administrative and other services to benefit the businesses, employees, residents and consumers in the special improvement district; (3) that a special assessment shall be imposed and collected by the municipality with the regular property tax payment or payment in lieu of taxes or otherwise, and that all or a portion of these payments shall be transferred to the district management corporation to effectuate the purposes of this amendatory and supplementary act and to exercise the powers given to it by municipal ordinance; and (4) that it is in the best interests of the municipality and the public to create a special improvement district and to designate a district management corporation; except that no district management corporation shall be designated to receive any funds or to exercise any powers pursuant to the provisions of this amendatory and supplementary act, unless the board of directors of that corporation shall include at least one member of the governing body of the municipality.

L.1972, c. 134, s. 4, eff. Aug. 17, 1972. Amended by L.1984, c. 151, s. 5, eff. Sept. 10, 1984.

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