New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:63-125 - Assessment For Benefits; In Each Municipality; Provision For In Joint Contract; Procedure

40:63-125. Assessment for benefits; in each municipality; provision for in joint contract; procedure
In any contract for the joint construction of any joint improvement or works authorized by section 40:63-70 of this title, the jointly contracting municipalities may provide that no assessment for benefits upon the lands and real estate fronting upon, or benefited by such joint improvement or works, shall be made upon application of the jointly contracting municipalities in joint meeting, or for the joint benefit of the contracting municipalities, but that in lieu thereof, each contracting municipality may assess the property lying within its territory peculiarly benefited by such improvement or works for the purpose of raising the amount of the cost of such improvement or works, borne by it, or part thereof. In such case, any such contracting municipality may make an assessment for the benefits conferred upon property therein by such improvement or works, as nearly as may be, in proportion to and not in excess of the benefits received, in the same manner as the cost of local sewers or system of sewers is assessed in such municipality, and such assessment shall be made under the same procedure, and by the same officers, and shall be collected as assessments for benefits arising from the construction of local sewers or system of sewers therein.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016