New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:63-126 - Assessments To Be A Lien; Collection

40:63-126. Assessments to be a lien; collection
All assessments for benefits made under this article shall be and remain a lien upon the lots or parcels of land and real estate respectively assessed, from the date of the ratification or confirmation of the report thereof until satisfied and paid, and shall be immediately due and payable to the collector or receiver of taxes or other chief financial officer of the municipality wherein the same are situated, and the governing body of the municipality shall forthwith furnish the proper financial officer of the municipality with a certified copy of the assessment, which he shall enter in a book to be kept in his office for that purpose. He shall thereupon give notice for two weeks in a newspaper circulating in the municipality, to be inserted at least once in each week, stating that the assessment report has been delivered to him, and requiring payment of the sums assessed within sixty days from and after the first publication of the notice. All such assessments shall be subject to the same interest and penalties and shall be collected in like manner as assessments for local improvements are collected in the municipality.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016