New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:63-79 - Joint Contract; Ordinances Authorizing

40:63-79. Joint contract; ordinances authorizing
The governing bodies or boards of any two or more of the municipalities adopting resolutions of approval as aforesaid, and desiring to unite in the construction, maintenance and operation of such improvements or works, may thereupon respectively authorize, by ordinance to be substantially the same in content in all such municipalities, the making and entering into, by and on behalf of such municipalities respectively, of a joint contract or contracts in writing upon such terms and conditions as to them shall seem proper, with such other municipality or municipalities for the making of any one or more of the improvements or works authorized by section 40:63-70 of this title, and the maintenance and operation thereof, at the joint cost and expense of such contracting or associated municipalities, as may be provided and specified in the contract, and for the construction of any necessary storage basins for collecting the sewage of such contracting or associated municipalities, and the construction of works and plants for the treatment and disposal thereof, and for acquiring the right to connect with and use any outlet or trunk sewer or sewers, or system of sewers and appurtenances, that may have been theretofore constructed, or that may be thereafter constructed within or by any other municipality, or within or by any of the municipalities so jointly contracting, and for the doing of any other act necessary or convenient for providing, constructing, maintaining and operating such public improvement or works.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016