New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:63-85 - Joint Meeting; Organization; Officers; Vacancies; Duration Of Power

40:63-85. Joint meeting; organization; officers; vacancies; duration of power
After the execution and recording of any such contract, the respective governing bodies or boards having authority to construct sewers and drains therein, of the several municipalities so contracting, shall meet in joint meeting, at such time and place as may be fixed in writing by a majority of the presiding officers of such bodies or boards, and shall proceed at once to organize as a joint meeting, by electing, by roll call of the municipalities, a member of one of the bodies or boards of the several municipalities composing such joint meeting, as the permanent chairman of such joint meeting. The joint meeting shall immediately after selecting a permanent chairman, and at the same meeting, proceed to elect by roll call of the municipalities, a secretary and a treasurer, and may then, or thereafter, from time to time, elect or choose such other officers, servants and agents for such time or times as they may determine, and fix their compensation. None of the officers except the chairman need be a member of the governing body or board of any of the contracting municipalities. Any vacancy occurring in any of the offices or positions under its control may be filled by the joint meeting.

The joint meeting shall continue to exist until the full completion of the improvement or works provided for in the contract between the several municipalities, and for such further time as may be provided in the contracts. It may meet and adjourn from time to time as it may fix and determine during the progress and continuance of the work, and until its completion.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016