New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:63-87 - Voting By Municipalities, Quorum; Specific Concurrence Required

40:63-87. Voting by municipalities, quorum; specific concurrence required
Each municipality, through its body or board represented in such joint meeting, shall be entitled to one vote therein, on all motions, resolutions, appointments and all other proceedings taken in or by such joint meeting, subject to the qualifications hereinafter specified; and such vote shall be cast and announced as is directed by a majority of all the members of such municipal body or board present in such joint meeting, whether such members present constitute a quorum of such body or board, or not. If only one member of such municipal body or board be present at the joint meeting, the vote of his municipality may be cast by him.

A majority of the municipalities so contracting, when represented as aforesaid in such joint meeting, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and such majority may adopt and make rules of order governing the proceedings of such joint meeting, and rules for the government of the officers, agents and servants employed or appointed by the same, but in the case of municipalities which have heretofore jointly contracted for or jointly constructed any joint sewers, sewerage system or disposal plant or works under the authority of an act entitled "An act to authorize any two or more municipalities in this state to jointly provide, maintain and operate trunk or outlet sewers and sewage disposal plant or plants or a system of sewerage and to otherwise act jointly concerning the collection, removal or disposal of sewage and make contracts in relation thereto," approved April eighth, one thousand nine hundred and ten, no election, appointment or other action of said joint meeting, shall become operative or be binding on said joint meeting, or any of said municipalities, unless concurred in by the body or board, or bodies or boards of such respective contracting municipality or municipalities represented or entitled to be represented in said joint meeting present thereat, as by the ordinance providing for the making of the joint contract, are directed to pay twenty-five per cent or more of the total cost, damages and expenses of the improvements or works specified in said contract and in said ordinance authorizing the same.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016