New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:63-91 - Acquisition Of Land; Purchase

40:63-91. Acquisition of land; purchase
The joint meeting acting on behalf and in the corporate names of the several municipalities jointly contracting with each other regarding the public improvement or works authorized to be jointly constructed under the provisions of this article, and represented in such joint meeting, may, at any time after the execution of the joint contract between such municipalities, and in the joint names of all the contracting municipalities, purchase and acquire, by resolution, any and all lands, rights or interests in land, either within such municipalities, or any of them, or beyond the limits of any of them, which may be deemed necessary for such public improvement or works. Such contracting municipalities may jointly treat with the owners thereof for the same; and such municipalities acting in joint meeting, may jointly secure or purchase said lands, rights or interests therein, from the owners of the same, and agree to make such compensation therefor as such joint meeting may deem reasonable; and shall receive from such owner or owners a conveyance of such rights of way, lands and real estate, rights or easements therein, in the joint corporate names of such contracting municipalities.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016