New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:68a-8 - Service Charges

40:68A-8. Service charges
(a) Every port authority is hereby authorized to charge and collect rents, rates, fees or other charges (in this act sometimes referred to as "service charges" ) for its services and facilities.

(b) Such rents, rate, fees and charges, being in the nature of use or service charges, shall as nearly as the port authority shall deem practicable and equitable be uniform throughout the district for the same type, class and amount of use or service of the port facilities.

(c) The port authority shall prescribe and from time to time when necessary revise a schedule of such service charges, which in any event shall be such that the revenues of the port authority will at all times be adequate to pay all expenses of operation and maintenance of the port facilities, including reserves, insurance, extensions, and replacements, and to pay punctually the principal of and interest on any bonds and to maintain such reserves or sinking funds therefor as may be required by the terms of any contract of the port authority or as may be deemed necessary or desirable by the port authority. Said schedule shall thus be prescribed and from time to time revised by the port authority after public hearing thereon which shall be held by the port authority at least seven days after such published notice as the port authority may determine to be reasonable. The port authority shall likewise fix and determine the time or times when and the place or places where such service charges shall be due and payable and may require that such service charges shall be paid in advance for periods of not more than one year. A copy of such schedule or service charges in effect shall be filed with such Federal agencies requiring filing of tariffs and rates and shall be filed with the Secretary of State of the State of New Jersey and at all times be kept on file at the principal office of the port authority and shall at all reasonable times be open to public inspection.

L.1948, c. 349, p. 1388, s. 8, eff. Sept. 1, 1948.

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