New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:84-13 - Notice Of Recall Served; Order For Recall Election

40:84-13. Notice of recall served; order for recall election
If the petition shall be sufficient the municipal clerk shall notify the councilman or councilmen whose recall is sought thereby within two days. If such notice cannot be served upon the councilman or councilmen affected, then service shall be made by leaving the same at his residence with a member of his family or attendant, and if access cannot be had to his residence, then by posting the same at the door thereof. If within five days after the service of the notice by the municipal clerk the councilman or councilmen sought to be recalled by such petition do not resign, or having tendered their resignation it shall not have been accepted by the municipal council, then the municipal clerk shall order and fix a date for holding a recall election, as herein provided. The election shall not be less than forty nor more than fifty days from the filing of the petition. Notice of the filing of the petition and of the election as fixed shall be posted for public view in the office of the municipal clerk and he shall also insert the notice forthwith in a newspaper published in the municipality, or if there be no such newspaper, then in a newspaper having general circulation in such municipality.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016