New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:84-14 - Ballot; Form And Content

40:84-14. Ballot; form and content
The ballots at the recall election shall conform to the requirements of this subtitle respecting the election for councilmen at the municipal election, except that for the words "municipal election" there shall be substituted the words "recall election" . The recall features of the ballot shall appear at the top thereof and shall be separated from the portion of the ballot for the election of councilmen by a heavy black line. The proposal for recall shall be placed on the ballot in the following manner:

"Shall (here insert name of councilman) be removed from the office of councilman by recall?" This matter shall occupy two lines in bold-faced type. Immediately below the above wording shall appear the phrase "for recall" , and immediately underneath such phrase the words "against recall" . Immediately at the left of each of these two phrases shall be printed a square, in which the voter may make a cross ( x ) or plus (+) mark. Immediately below the foregoing shall appear the following:

"Indicate your vote by placing a cross ( x ) or plus (+) mark in one of the squares above."

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Last modified: October 11, 2016