New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:18-11.5 - Definitions Relative To Mortgage Cancellations.

46:18-11.5 Definitions relative to mortgage cancellations.
1.As used in this act:

"Mortgage" means a residential mortgage, security interest or the like, in which the security is a residential property such as a house, real property or condominium, which is occupied, or is to be occupied, by the debtor, who is a natural person, or a member of the debtor's immediate family, as that person's residence. The provisions of sections 2 and 3 of P.L.1999, c.40 (C.46:18-11.6 and C.46:18-11.7) shall apply to all residential mortgages wherever made, which have as their security a residence in the State of New Jersey, provided that the real property which is the subject of the mortgage shall not have more than four dwelling units, one of which shall be, or is planned to be, occupied by the debtor or a member of the debtor's immediate family as the debtor's or family member's residence at the time the loan is originated.

"Pay-off letter" means a written document prepared by the holder or servicer of the mortgage being paid, which is dated not more than 60 days prior to the date the mortgage is paid, and which contains a statement of all the sums due to satisfy the mortgage debt, including, but not limited to, interest accrued to the date the statement is prepared and a means of calculating per diem interest accruing thereafter.

"Mortgagee" means the holder of the mortgage reflected in the latest record filed with the county recording office. If the entity that is recorded as the holder of the mortgage is no longer in existence, "mortgagee" shall mean the entity that was authorized to receive the latest payment on the mortgage.

L.1999, c.40, s.1; amended 2015, c.225, s.4.

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