New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:24-1 - Board Of Commissioners Of Land Records; Appointment; Vacancies; Compensation

46:24-1. Board of commissioners of land records; appointment; vacancies; compensation
In every county of this State having more than two hundred thousand inhabitants, one hundred or more persons, being residents and freeholders of such county, may make application to the Superior Court, and such court may thereupon, in its discretion, proceed thereon and appoint, from the members of the board of chosen freeholders of such county for the time being, two commissioners, who, and their successors, together with the counsel of the board of chosen freeholders of such county, for the time being, shall constitute a board to be known as the board of commissioners of land records, and hereinafter designated as the commissioners, whose powers and duties shall be as prescribed by this chapter. Such board of commissioners shall continue in office for two years from the time of their appointment, and for such additional time as the Superior Court may, by order, direct and appoint. Vacancies in such board of commissioners shall be filled in the same manner as original appointments are herein required to be made. The commissioners shall receive for their services such compensation as the Superior Court shall determine.

Amended by L.1953, c. 44, p. 825, s. 11, eff. March 19, 1953.

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