New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:24-7 - Local Or Block Indexes; Preparation, Form And Contents

46:24-7. Local or block indexes; preparation, form and contents
The commissioners appointed under section 46:24-1 of this title shall cause to be prepared, in book form, indexes for indexing instruments affecting land in such counties, recorded or registered in the record offices mentioned in section 46:24-5 of this title, on and after the date fixed by section 46:24-10 of this title for the completion of such land maps and indexes, which indexes shall be prepared for use in accordance with the plan or system known as that of local indexing by blocks, and under the blocks and block numbers shown on such map, and the areas, numbers and descriptions of the blocks shown on such map. The indexes so to be prepared shall be both nominal and local, and in form substantially the same as the form of the schedule hereto annexed, which schedule shall be deemed and taken to be a part of this chapter.

There shall be appropriated in each index to each block or parcel of land shown thereon not less than eight blank pages, including the heading of such index, which pages shall be properly ruled and prepared for future entries therein according to the plans of the schedule above referred to.

The abbreviated description of the land affected by the instrument to be entered in the space allotted therefor in such index shall be as full as can be entered in such space, and serve to show the correctness of such entry under such block or area; but no liability shall attach to any recording officer for any error in making up such brief description.

The commissioners may cause separate and distinct local indexes to be made for entering together mortgages, notices of lis pendens and other liens, and other instruments relating thereto.

The county recording officer of any such county may, whenever the local indexes to be prepared by the commissioners become filled with entries, continue the same separated as above; and such officer, in order to fully utilize such local indexes, shall, whenever the entries under a block shall have consumed the space appropriated thereto, and other block areas shall have comparatively few entries credited thereto, carry forward such entries from the first named block, by proper foot-marks and references, to the nearest of the sparsely filled spaces, until such process shall be no longer feasible, upon which such recording officer shall make requisition to the board of chosen freeholders for, and said board of such county shall thereupon provide, such additional indexes of like character for the continuation of the same as may be necessary; and whenever the combination or analytical nominal index mentioned in section 46:20-5 of this title shall be required the same shall be provided in like manner.


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