New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:24-13 - Entries In Local Or Block Indexes; Maps, Books And Records Public Records; Time For Completion, Certification And Deposit

46:24-13. Entries in local or block indexes; maps, books and records public records; time for completion, certification and deposit
All instruments in writing affecting land, in any county wherein local or block indexes shall be adopted as set forth in section 46:24-7 of this title, or any interest in such land, recorded, registered or entered by virtue of and in accordance with any law of this state in any public land office, shall, on and after the date fixed by section 46:24-10 of this title for the completion of the maps and indexes provided for by this chapter, be entered in plain, legible handwriting in such indexes, as provided by this chapter, in addition to such nominal indexes as are now used and directed by this chapter to be kept in such offices.

All maps, books, and indexes, and the entries therein and the contents thereof, at any time to be made or prepared under this chapter, shall be public records, and all of such maps, books and indexes shall be completed, certified and deposited for use as aforesaid in such offices at the time prescribed by section 46:24-10 of this title.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016