New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:24-6 - Subdivisions Of Numbered Blocks Shown Of Official Land Maps

46:24-6. Subdivisions of numbered blocks shown of official land maps
Whenever, after the making of the land map in accordance with section 46:24-4 of this title, any large area or block division, or part thereof, on such map, shall be laid out by the owners thereof on a map filed in the county record office into blocks and lots with the streets or avenues shown thereon, dedicated to public use, and conveyances of lots shown thereon shall be made and recorded according to such map, the then recording officer and counsel of the board of chosen freeholders of such county shall cause such new blocks to be numbered consecutively upward from the last number then upon such land map, or cause such new blocks to be designated in some other convenient way, and shall cause a map, showing such new blocks and their designations, to be filed in the same manner as the previous land maps, and the block number headings of such subdivided block shall be marked as "subdivided" , and reference made at such heading to the new blocks created therefrom. The land blocks and sections, and the numbers and designations thereof, shall not be changed after they have been once designated and entered on such maps, except as herein provided.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016