New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:24-4 - Map Or Plan Of County; Preparation And Contents

46:24-4. Map or plan of county; preparation and contents
The commissioners appointed under section 46:24-1 of this title shall, immediately upon entering upon their duties, cause to be prepared, under their direction by competent surveyors and draughtsmen, a map or plan of the county, on which map shall be shown and delineated all the streets, avenues, and roads of the county, and all blocks or parcels of land bounded by such streets, avenues and roads, and such present or former lines of large tracts of land or farms, or other general property lines and boundaries, as they, in their judgment may see fit. The commissioners shall cause the blocks or parcels of land shown on such map to be numbered thereon from number one consecutively upward for as many blocks or parcels of land bounded by streets, avenues, roads, streams, waterways, railroads or other boundaries as shall appear on such map. The numbers of the blocks shall commence at the southerly part of the county, and shall thence be continued northerly as nearly as may be. In case of small blocks or parcels, more than one such block of parcel of land may be included in a single block number, whenever, in the judgment of the commissioners, the same is advisable. The commissioners may cause the larger parcels of land to be dividend and numbered or designated on such map in such way as they may think best, in order to carry out the general intent of this chapter. The commissioners shall also cause such map to be subdivided into convenient land sections, and shall cause such sections to be named, or numbered from number one consecutively upward, and cause the division lines of such several sections to be exhibited on the map.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016