New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:8b-13 - Bylaws

13. The administration and management of the condominium and condominium property and the actions of the association shall be governed by bylaws which shall initially be recorded with the master deed and shall provide, in addition to any other lawful provisions, for the following:
(a) The form of administration, indicating the titles of the officers and governing board of the association, if any, and specifying the powers, duties and manner of selection, removal and compensation, if any, of officers and board members. If the bylaws provide that any of the powers and duties of the association as set forth in sections 14 and 15 of P.L.1969, c.257 (C.46:8B-14 and 46:8B-15) be exercised through a governing board elected by the membership of the association, or through officers of the association responsible to and under the direction of such a governing board, all meetings of that governing board, except conference or working sessions at which no binding votes are to be taken, shall be open to attendance by all unit owners, and adequate notice of any such meeting shall be given to all unit owners in such manner as the bylaws shall prescribe; except that the governing board may exclude or restrict attendance at those meetings, or portions of meetings, dealing with (1) any matter the disclosure of which would constitute an unwarranted invasion of individual privacy; (2) any pending or anticipated litigation or contract negotiations; (3) any matters falling within the attorney-client privilege, to the extent that confidentiality is required in order for the attorney to exercise his ethical duties as a lawyer; or (4) any matter involving the employment, promotion, discipline or dismissal of a specific officer or employee of the association. At each meeting required under this subsection to be open to all unit owners, minutes of the proceedings shall be taken, and copies of those minutes shall be made available to all unit owners before the next open meeting.

(b) The method of calling meetings of unit owners, the percentage of unit owners or voting rights required to make decisions and to constitute a quorum, but such bylaws may nevertheless provide that unit owners may waive notice of meetings or may act by written agreement without meetings.

(c) The manner of collecting from unit owners their respective shares of common expenses and the method of distribution to the unit owners of their respective shares of common surplus or such other application of common surplus as may be duly authorized by the bylaws.

(d) The method by which the bylaws may be amended, provided that no amendment shall be effective until recorded in the same office as the then existing bylaws. The bylaws may also provide a method for the adoption, amendment and enforcement of reasonable administrative rules and regulations, including the imposition of fines and late fees which may be enforced as a lien pursuant to section 21 of P.L.1969, c.257 (C.46:8B-21) relating to the operation, use, maintenance and enjoyment of the units and of the common elements including limited common elements.

L.1969,c.257,s.13; amended 1991, c.48, s.1; 1996, c.79, s.1.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016