New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:8b-16 - Authority, Rights Of Unit Owner

46:8B-16.Authority, rights of unit owner
16. (a) No unit owner, except as an officer of the association, shall have any authority to act for or bind the association. An association, however, may assert tort claims concerning the common elements and facilities of the development as if the claims were asserted directly by the unit owners individually.
(b) Failure to comply with the bylaws and the rules and regulations governing the details of the use and operation of the condominium, the condominium property and the common elements, and the quality of life therein, in effect from time to time, and with the covenants, conditions and restrictions set forth in the master deed or in deeds of units, shall be grounds for reasonable fines and assessments upon unit owners maintainable by the association, or for an action for the recovery of damages, for injunctive relief, or for a combination thereof, maintainable by the association or by any other unit owner or by any person who holds a blanket mortgage or a mortgage lien upon a unit and is aggrieved by any such noncompliance.

(c) A unit owner shall have no personal liability for any damages caused by the association or in connection with the use of the common elements. A unit owner shall be liable for injuries or damages resulting from an accident in his own unit in the same manner and to the same extent as the owner of any other real estate.

(d) A unit owner may notify the Commissioner of Community Affairs upon the failure of an association to comply with requests made under subsection (g) of section 14 of P.L.1969, c.257 (C.46:8B-14) by unit owners to inspect at reasonable times the accounting records of the association. Upon investigation, the commissioner shall have the power to order the compliance of the association with such a request.

L.1969,c.257,s.16; amended 1995, c.313, s.2; 1996, c.79, s.4.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016