New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:8c-15 - Formation Of Association

46:8C-15.Formation of association
6. a. In order to exercise the rights provided in sections 2 and 3 of this act, the owners of homes in a private residential leasehold community shall form an association in compliance with this section and sections 7 and 8 of this act. Such an association shall be organized as a corporation or association either for profit or not for profit, upon the consent, in writing, of two-thirds of the owners of homes in the community to become members or shareholders therein. For the purposes of this act, whenever the consent of homeowners is required on any question, there shall be counted only one vote for each dwelling unit. Upon consent by two-thirds of the homeowners, all consenting homeowners shall become members of the association and shall be bound by the provisions of the articles of incorporation, the bylaws of the association, and such restrictions as may be properly promulgated pursuant thereto. Upon incorporation and service of the notice described in section 7 of this act, the association shall become the representative of the homeowners in all matters relating to the provisions of this act.

b. If at the time when a landowner determines to offer private residential leasehold community land for sale, or receives a bona fide offer from a prospective purchaser, there is no homeowners' association then in being in the private residential leasehold community, the landowner shall, at least 15 days before proceeding to make such offer of sale, or within 10 business days of receiving such a bona fide offer, as the case may be, notify in writing each owner of a home within the private residential leasehold community that he intends doing so. If, after receipt of such individual notices and within the period fixed by subsection b. of section 2 of this act for execution of a contract, a homeowners' association is formed pursuant to this act, the association so formed shall exercise and perform all the rights, duties and functions provided in this act on and from the day on which notification is made to the private residential leasehold community landowner pursuant to section 7 of this act.

L.1991,c.483,s.6; amended 1995,c.365,s.6.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016