New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:8d-11 - Contents Of Transfer Document, Short Form Memorandum

46:8D-11. Contents of transfer document, short form memorandum
The sale or transfer of a cooperative share by a proprietary lease or an assignment thereof or other like instrument is achieved by the recording of the transfer document or a short form memorandum thereof which is executed and acknowledged in recordable form and which contains the following information:

a. All information set forth in subsections a., b. and c. of section 7 of article 2 of this act and

b. The name of the cooperative as set forth in the master declaration and master register, the name of the political subdivision and county in which the property is located and a reference to the recording office, the book and page where the master declaration and master register and any amendment thereto are recorded.

c. The unit designation as set forth in the master declaration and register.

d. A reference to the last prior transfer of the unit, if previously transferred.

e. A statement of the proportionate undivided interest in the common elements appurtenant to the unit as set forth in the master declaration and master register or any amendments thereof.

f. The full name and address of the transferor and transferee of the unit.

g. An executed and acknowledged consent of the cooperative board of managers authorizing and approving the transfer or assignment.

h. The number of shares transferred.

i. A statement of the full consideration paid for the cooperative unit which includes the purchase price paid plus the amount derived from application of the percent of ownership held in conjunction with the unit to the unpaid balance of the fee or leasehold mortgage encumbering the entire structure as of the date of the transfer or assignment.

j. All other matters, consistent with this act, which the parties may deem appropriate.

1987, c. 381, s.11.

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