New Jersey Revised Statutes § 46:8d-6 - Master Declaration

46:8D-6. Master declaration
The master declaration for a cooperative shall contain the following elements:

a. A legal description by metes and bounds and tax lot and block of the lands to be dedicated to the cooperative form of ownership.

b. A statement dedicating the land described in the master declaration to the cooperative form of ownership.

c. The name by which the cooperative is to be identified, which name shall include the word "Cooperative" or "Coop."

d. A copy of the recorded deed which vests ownership in the person who signs the master declaration to create the cooperative.

e. A copy of the certificate of incorporation or other organization form creating the association.

f. The bylaws which regulate the cooperative.

g. The master register containing the information required in section 7 of article 2 of this act.

h. A written description and architectural plans prepared to scale by an architect or engineer licensed in New Jersey which detail the improvements existing or to be erected on the lands to create the cooperative and identify the locations and dimensions of the common elements, limited common elements and each cooperative unit. The written description and architectural plans shall be signed, certified and scaled by an engineer or architect authorized to practice his profession in this State. The certification shall state that the description and plans are a correct and accurate representation of the improvements described and shown on the plans.

i. The number of votes which may be cast by each cooperative unit owner at any meeting of the cooperative unit owners.

j. A statement of existing financing which is a lien on the building and the manner in which the financing will be paid and discharged as a lien before or after closing of units.

k. A schedule of owners' percent of common elements which are part of their ownership of shares in the cooperative corporation and which represent their share of common expenses and common surplus.

l. Such other provisions, as may be desired, including but not limited to restrictions or limitations upon the use, occupancy, transfer, leasing or other disposition of any unit (if the restriction or limitation is otherwise permitted by law) and limitations upon the use of common elements.

m. A method of amending the master declaration which requires recording of any amendment in the same office as the master declaration before it becomes effective.

1987, c. 381, s.6.

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