New York Education Law Section 3006 - Commissioner of education to issue certificates.

3006. Commissioner of education to issue certificates. Types of certificates. The commissioner of education may issue:

1. a. A life state certificate upon examinations only which shall entitle its holder to teach for life in the public schools of the state without further examination.

b. Such other certificates as regents general rules shall prescribe.

c. A temporary license limited to a school district, supervisory district or city for a period not to exceed one year.

d. A temporary certificate to a school district upon the request of the school authorities of the school district, and under such rules as the regents shall establish, which shall authorize such school authorities temporarily to employ persons having unusual qualifications in specific subjects, as visiting lecturers, provided they have been licensed pursuant to paragraph e of this subdivision, so as to supplement the regular programs of teaching of such specific subjects.

e. A temporary license to a person having unusual qualifications in specific subjects, authorizing him to teach as a visiting lecturer in accordance with the provisions of paragraph d of this subdivision.

2. Fees. The commissioner shall charge the following fees for certificates issued pursuant to this section.

a. Effective September first, nineteen hundred ninety-two and thereafter, the fees charged for each application for the following types of certificates shall be:

(i) For a certificate issued under this section based upon completion of a teacher education program registered by the department, fifty dollars;

(ii) For a certificate issued under this section based upon education or experience completed in other than a teacher education program registered by the department, one hundred dollars;

(iii) For a temporary license or a temporary coaching license, fifty dollars;

(iv) For a continuing certificate for a teaching assistant, thirty-five dollars;

(v) For a duplicate certificate, twenty-five dollars.

b. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph a of this subdivision, in a case where an individual applies for a certificate of qualification, provisional and/or permanent certificate within twelve months of having been issued a temporary license in the same certification area, the fee for such additional certificate or certificates shall be fifty dollars.

3. Registration. a. Commencing with the two thousand sixteen--two thousand seventeen school year, any holder of a teaching certificate in the classroom teaching service, teaching assistant certificate, or educational leadership certificate that is valid for life as prescribed by the commissioner in regulations shall be required to register with the department every five years in accordance with regulations of the commissioner. Such regulations shall prescribe the date or dates by which applications for initial registration must be submitted and may provide for staggered initial registration and/or rolling re-registration so that re-registrations are distributed as equally as possible throughout the year and across multiple years.

b. The department shall post an application for registration on its website. An application shall be submitted for a registration certificate. Except as otherwise provided in this section, the department shall renew the registration of each certificate holder upon receipt of a proper application on a form prescribed by the department. Any certificate holder who fails to register by the beginning of the appropriate registration period may be subject to late filing penalties as prescribed by the commissioner. No certificate holder resuming practice after a lapse of registration shall be permitted to practice without verification of re-registration.

c. Any certificate holder who is not engaging in the practice of his or her profession in this state and does not desire to register shall so advise the department. Such certificate holder shall not be subject to penalties as prescribed by the commissioner for failure to register at the beginning of the registration period.

d. Certificate holders shall notify the department of any change of name or mailing address within thirty days of such change. Willful failure to register or provide such notice within one hundred eighty days of such change may constitute grounds for moral character review under subdivision seven of section three hundred five of this chapter.

Last modified: February 3, 2019