New York Education Law Section 3011 - Contract with teacher.

3011. Contract with teacher. 1. Except as otherwise provided in sections twenty-five hundred twenty-three, three thousand twelve and three thousand thirteen, all trustees of school districts or boards of education who shall employ any teacher to teach shall, at the time of such employment, make and deliver to such teacher, or cause to be made and delivered, a contract in writing, signed by them, or by some person duly authorized to represent them in the premises, in which the details of the agreement between the parties, and particularly the length of the term of employment, the amount of compensation and the time when such compensation shall be due and payable shall be clearly and definitely set forth.

1-a. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, in a city with a population of one million or more, all teachers, as that term is defined in section 13-501 of the administrative code of the city of New York, and all board of education employees serving as regular substitutes or full term per diem substitutes shall be paid the amount of compensation due them pursuant to collective bargaining agreements or to other contracts on the precise date such compensation is due. If such payments are not made on the dates so required, interest shall be recovered beginning thirty days, following the later of the effective date of this act or the required payment date through the day that payment is in fact tendered. In the case of a salary differential, the date compensation is due shall be defined as thirty days following the date an employee's application is filed by the employee with the board of education of the city of New York. Interest shall be computed at the rate set forth in paragraph one of subdivision (e) of section one thousand ninety-six of the tax law and shall be added to any compensation amounts referred to above that have not been paid when owed.

2. No contract for the employment of a teacher in a district having three trustees or a board of education shall be made for more than one year in advance or for a shorter time than ten weeks unless for the purpose of filling an unexpired term of school; except that a contract may be made in such a district for not more than five years with any teacher who has been employed in such district for at least three consecutive years immediately prior to the execution of the contract.

3. No contract for the employment of a teacher in a district having a sole trustee shall be made to extend beyond the date of the expiration of the term of office of such trustee. A sole trustee of a school district shall have full power and authority to contract with teachers for the term for which he has been elected any time after the date of the annual meeting at which such trustee was elected.

4. No trustee shall contract with any teacher whose certificate of qualifications shall not cover a period at least as long as that covered by the contract of service.

Last modified: February 3, 2019