New York Education Law Section 350 - Definitions.

350. Definitions. As used in this article, unless the context shall otherwise require, the following terms shall mean:

1. "State university." The state university created by this article.

2. "Community colleges." Colleges established and operated pursuant to the provisions of article one hundred twenty-six, and providing two-year post secondary programs in general and technical educational subjects and receiving financial assistance from the state.

3. "Statutory or contract colleges." Colleges furnishing higher education, operated by independent institutions on behalf of the state pursuant to statute or contractual agreements; provided, that an institution not otherwise a statutory or contract college shall not become a statutory or contract college because of its receipt of state funds or financial assistance pursuant to section three hundred fifty-eight hereof, or by entering into any contract pursuant to that section.

4. "State-operated institutions." Institutions comprising the state university as provided for in subdivision three of section three hundred fifty-two hereof, but not including statutory or contract colleges.

5. "State university health care facility" shall mean a hospital, as defined in section twenty-eight hundred one of the public health law, operated by the state university, or a clinic, as defined in subdivision six of this section, of a state university health sciences center at Brooklyn, Buffalo, Stony Brook and Syracuse, or the College of Optometry.

6. "Clinic" shall mean a facility located either within or outside of a state university health care facility providing services related to the medical education mission of the university, but shall not include state university student health services.

* 7. "University centers" shall mean the university centers at Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo and Stony Brook.

* NB Repealed July 1, 2021

* 8. "NY-SUNY 2020 challenge grant program" ("NY-SUNY 2020") shall mean a long-term economic and academic plan, which shall include a financial aid program, submitted by each state university of New York university center, subject to the approval by the governor and the chancellor of the state university of New York.

* NB Repealed July 1, 2021

9. "SUNY Challenge Grant Program" shall mean a long-term economic and academic plan submitted by a college, university or community college as defined by this section, excluding university centers as defined by this section, subject to the approval by the Governor and the Chancellor of the State University of New York.

10. "Dormitory facilities revenue fund" means the fund established pursuant to section sixteen hundred eighty-q of the public authorities law.

11. "Dormitory facilities revenues" means all moneys, including rents, fees and charges, derived from the use or occupancy of dormitory facilities.

12. "Dormitory facility" means a dormitory, as such term is defined in paragraph (a) of subdivision two of section sixteen hundred seventy-six of the public authorities law.

13. "Dormitory facility revenue bond" means any note or bond of the dormitory authority (i) issued on or after the first day of April, two thousand thirteen for the purposes of financing dormitory facilities or refinancing notes or bonds previously issued in connection with dormitory facilities, including notes or bonds issued to pay costs incurred in connection with the issuance of such notes or bonds, to fund any reserve for the payment of debt service on such bonds or notes, to fund any reserve established for the improvement, repair, maintenance or operations of dormitory facilities, or to pay or provide for the payment of any note or bond previously issued for any such purpose, and (ii) is payable from moneys on deposit in the dormitory facilities revenue fund and is not payable from any revenue of the state.

Last modified: February 3, 2019