New York Executive Law Section 629 - Judicial review.

629. Judicial review. 1. Within fifteen days after receipt of the copy of the report containing the final decision of the office, the comptroller shall, if in his judgment the award is illegal or excessive, notify the office of his conclusion, state the reasons for that conclusion, and provide specific recommendations for modification. Upon receiving such notification, the office shall have fifteen days within which to review and either modify or re-affirm its award. If after such modification or reaffirmation the comptroller continues to adjudge the award to be illegal or excessive, he may within fifteen days after receipt of such modification or reaffirmation, commence a proceeding in the appellate division of the supreme court, third department, to review the decision of the office. Such proceeding shall be heard in a summary manner and shall have precedence over all other civil cases in such court. Any claimant aggrieved by a final decision of the office may commence a proceeding to review that decision pursuant to article seventy-eight of the civil practice law and rules.

2. Any such proceeding shall be commenced in accordance with the civil practice law and rules.

Last modified: February 3, 2019