New York Executive Law Section 633 - Confidentiality of records.

633. Confidentiality of records. 1. Records maintained by the office and proceedings by the office based thereon regarding a claim submitted by a victim or a claimant shall be deemed confidential with the following exceptions:

(a) requests for information based upon legitimate criminal justice purposes;

(b) judicial subpoenas;

(c) requests for information by the victim or claimant or his or her authorized representative;

(d) for purposes necessary and proper for the administration of this article.

2. All other records, including but not limited to, records maintained pursuant to sections six hundred thirty-one-a and six hundred thirty-two-a of this article and proceedings by the office based thereon shall be public record.

3. Any report or record obtained by the office, the confidentiality of which is protected by any other law or regulation, shall remain confidential subject to such law or regulation.

Last modified: February 3, 2019